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Artistic Styling is the perfect place for all things clothes and fashion. We take pride in our work and most of all, our service to you.

Brought up around sewing machines my whole life, I grew up having a love for fashion. I started sewing at a young age of 11 and went onto studying fashion design. I owned my first alteration business at the age of 22. With over 10 years of experience I now have extended my services to design and styling.

Through personal experience I found that dressing well made all the difference in my everyday life. How I feel, how I respond to others, my vibe is much livelier when I feel good about myself.

I want to inspire people with this energy and show how we tend to underestimate the power of dressing well. When you look at your reflection how does it make you feel? Do you cringe and want to hide away from the world? Do you just put on the loosest item of clothing every day in hope that it’ll hide everything that you’re insecure about?

In today’s society we get so consumed with everyday chores and responsibilities that we tend to lose track of ourselves. We let ourselves go and put other priorities before us.

It may sound a bit selfish but the number one priority should be YOU!!! Did you know that to be able to help others you need to help yourself first. You’re no good to anyone if you’re run down, depressed, unmotivated, and unfit. When you put quality back into yourself then everything else around you will just fall into place. The energy you give out will reflect back to you.

Dressing well doesn’t mean it has to cost the world. Looking a million bucks is knowing your style, being well groomed and most importantly have great fitting clothes.

Confidence comes from within but also how we look physically can affect what we’re feeling inside. My aim and what empowers my love for fashion is to help people build this confidence back into their lives. Through tailoring, organising wardrobes, styling, and being your personal shopping assistant, all this will give you a sense of self-worth and contentment.

In my experience as a tailor, I have transformed many pieces and seeing the joy in my clients that they can actually wear that garment or how well it looks on them is so rewarding.

Combining all professional knowledge and lifetime skills I ensure to deliver quality service and make your experience with us a pleasurable one… not to mention looking like a million dollars!!!